About Shineoi

Shenzhen Shine Electro-Optical Incorporated ("SHINEOI"), firstly known as a fiber optic assembly company (can be traced back to 2006) by building different kinds of fiber cable assemblies for network installer, cabling company and equipment manufacturer.

Thanks to the great supports from our respectable customers and talented workers, we caught up with the big wave of optical network construction all around the world in recent years and got a exciting success. Shineoi has been able to provide many kinds of fiber optic products, for example, different passive components, tools and instruments and also FTTH closures.

Based on fiber optic, in 2009, we extended portfolio to precision ceramic articles and precision components. Ceramic article production is naturely successed from the ferrule, sleeve manufacturing experiences, and have been developed into many categories. Precision components still mainly are oriented to fiber optic field, classical products includes SUS ferrule, flange, PLC cassette, and LD/PD PKG.

Shineoi position itself as an electro-optical Hi-Tech enterprise, and take INNOVATIVE as the key element to keep our competitive edge. We hold the belief that tight cooperation with our customers, workers, suppliers will help SHINEOi win the future.