Fiber Optic | Passive Components & Devices

Shineoi produces and assembles many kinds of fiber optic passive components and devices. Components such as connectors, adapters and attenuators are in the production lines everyday, and devices such as WDMs are assembled to customers' orders. Meanwhile, we wholesell ferrule and sleeves.

Ferrule Img
  • Polished 2.5mm SC/FC Ferrule, 1.25mm LC/MU ferrule, ST ferrule, SMA ferrule.
  • Ferrule ID: SM 125um/125.5um/126um, MM 127um; Concentricity: SM 1um, MM 4um.
  • Endface: flat, pre-domed(PC),conical, stepped, pre-angled step;
Featured Products: Blank Ferrule, 0.3um Concentricity Ferrule
LC Fanout Img
  • Standard LC/SC/ST Straight split sleeve for Adapters.
  • Solid Sleeves for LC/SC TOSA/ROSA.
  • Customized Sleeve products are avaibable.
Connector Image
  • SC/FC/ST, LC/MU/MT-RJ, SMA/DIN/D4 Assembled Connectors or Connector Kits.
  • Both singlemode, mulitmode connectors, with Flat/UPC/APC ferrule.
  • Different color configurations of the LC,SC Connector for special needs.
Adapter Img
  • SC/FC/ST, LC/MU/MT-RJ, SMA/DIN/D4 Adapters.
  • Different color configurations of SC/LC Connectors.
  • *We supply almost ALL kinds of LC adapters in the market.
Featured Products: Hybrid Adapters, Connector Converters
SUS Body
  • Customized SUS Body for module pigtail assembly.
  • Tilt angle 2.5° or other customized angle.
  • SUS 304L material for easy welding.
  • High precision: +/0.001mm of the Outer Diameter.